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Fluff & A New Hobby!

February 27, 2008

A fortnight back, I found myself reading five-six books at a time. All of which were mentally exhausting and the kind that I had to muse about before I could proceed. That and other stuff kinda got to me and I decided to pause heavy reading for a while. So I was asking friends to recommend Fluff [essentially a genre of mushy, romantic, hyper, feel-good, happy-ending books!] Adit first gave me Red Lily by Nora Roberts, of which I couldn’t read more than 20 pages. Ultra-bad. Ugh.

And then she gave me Faking It by Jennifer Cruisie. I liked the book, I really liked it. If only because it’s scandalous, dysfunctional, full of closeted romance, ridiculously funny, used a lot of Broadway/movie/music references, had Davy Dempsey ❤ and generally made me grin! 😀 Mindless reading at its best.

This character in the book, Gwennie, is obsessive about solving Double Crostics. From Wikipedia,

An acrostic is a type of word puzzle consisting of two parts. The first part is a set of lettered clues, each of which has numbered blanks representing the letters of the answer. The second part is a long series of numbered blanks and spaces, representing a quotation or other text, into which the answers for the clues fit.

To better understand that, here’s the first Double Crostic I tried this morning. It’s pretty simple and I’m in love with the concept. If any of you find good DCs or can help me w/ solving some, please leave a comment here or email me. 🙂 Thanks!

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  1. Vandhana permalink
    February 27, 2008 6:07 PM

    Gotta say,Yaey to chc flooks! 😀

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