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Nani’s Birthday Lunch and Misc.

December 10, 2007

Written on Dec. 8th.

Day began super-well with family shopping at Citi Centre. So we went happy roaming and I bought new footwear – those ethnic thingums with printed soles! Have always wanted one of those. Want kolhapuri chappals as well, but those I’ll probably buy if and when I go Bombay.

It’s phenomenal. It really is. I scoured the whole of Odyssey and Landmark, the two biggest book-store chains in the city, and neither had a copy of Good-bye, Chunky Rice and just ONE issue of JLA. 😦

Ooh, the next time you’re near a Cookie-Man, you must, must, MUST try their cherry cookie. Cookie-man person was super-nice and gave me one of them (which cost Rs.20 each) for free! It’s the typical uneven, bakery-type cookie stuffed with bits of dried cherry. Yum! 😀

In the after, father dropped me off at Ascendas for Nani’s birthday lunch. I’d specifically remembered to carry my camera and then brilliantly forgot it in the car. 😐 Anyhoo, when I landed up, everyone was already there. Even Vara! Heh! Conversation was initially pretty limited. But the moment everyone realized that I was the only person they could milk entertainment out of, there was no dearth of it. Hmpf. Jokers, I tell you. This chap, Puneet, a classmate of Raku’s in VV happened to be there. Somehow, and I’m positive it’s not accidental, the fact that I knew Raku popped up and from then, there was no looking back. People just kept bursting into laughter looking at me. Meh.

Was so good to be in touch with Vara, after ages. We both had Chicken Teriyaki Subs – made to order. Mmmmm! And I actually might have rediscovered KFC – it wasn’t as god-awful as I remembered it. May be good, even! Poor V paid for a zillion Mövenpick ice-cream scoops, which cost a whopping ninety bucks each! Advanced birthday treat, apparently! So I had this ultra-amazing scoop of Espresso Coquant, which is this strong coffee-flavoured, slightly bitter ice-cream with caramelized bits of coffee beans in it. Ultra, I swear!

A shameless session of hogging later, Sharan, Pandi, Prabhu, Nani, V and I headed to beach. We sat near the water and talked, talked, talked and talked. Was good fun getting to know these people! Nani and I wanted to have Jiggly-wiggly, but we didn’t quite make it to any of the Kwality Wall’s push-carts at the beach. Goshdarnit! 😦 Next time!

I had to go pay my advance for FilmCamp. They had this cruiser they’d parked at the beach. That’s where we had to go register and stuff. So I walk up to it and introduce myself. Immediate convo between Hari and me:

Me: Hey, I’m Suraksha.
Hari: Suraksha…aren’t you Ganesh’s er…Sagaro’s sister?
*OMG+WTF* Umm… *Grin*

When I relate this to V and Nani, Nani’s laughing her head off and V gives me this smug, it-had-to-happen look and then grins. Bleddy. 😐

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  1. December 10, 2007 8:06 PM

    Lol. I have movenpick icecream often and it is much cheaper here 🙂

    Ascendas, nicer than Yumm for sure. KFC, McDee, Burger King all suck!

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