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Happy Birthday, V!

December 10, 2007

Twas V’s birthday yesterday. (Yes, the ubiquitous best friend!) After much thought and deliberation, I finally concluded that she needed nothing. And since she was anyway a bit low on the high spirits, I thought an early-morning sugar-rush would do her much good. Ergo, I bought her a gift-box of assorted cookies from Cookie-Man. 😛

Since I had to be at FC 0830-ish, I thought I’d drop by V’s place before that. Brutal on a birthday, I know. I hated getting up that early too, cos I was dead-tired after a week of frenetic activity. Through my amazing powers of persuasion, I made her get up at ungodly hours and plonked at her home at 0745. 😛 Needless to say, she was thrilled with the food. And so was her mum. Heh!

Stuff apart, I’m really glad I made it a point to go visit her first thing in the morning. And it’s not only because I wanted to taste cookie. 😛 I know I’d have loved for someone to do that for me. And also, I have so few people I’d love to do these things for. She was really happy and so was I. I guess it’s these gestures that truly count in any relationship. Yay! Ooh, and I also had Milano cookies for the first time. And they were incredible. Chunks of crumbly cookie-dough encrusted with semi-melty chocolate chips that are just SUCH a blessing to the taste-buds. All semblance of a diet has been thrown out of the window, I’m afraid. 😦

So Abi, Nish and V came off to the beach after FC. It’s amazing how even after months of zero communication, we manage to pick up threads like that. *snaps fingers* Abi and Nish’ve become more max mokkai than ever before. At some points, I actually wanted to drop down and wail. Even worse, Abi commented on my already-small nose and said it had vanished. 😦 Initially, the plan was to hang out for a while and get back home. But one thing led to another and finally, we decided to make V buy us dinner. 😛 So after a zillion years (seems like), the four of us walked through the beach and headed to Planet Yumm at the beach, where we’d spent many happy evenings.

We bought two huge chunks of Chocolate Fantasy (V’s path to nirvana) from Coffee Day. We lit candles, had V blow them out and cut cake and whatnot. Mental children, yes. Cannot expect more/less from us. As a result of going through the razy day with two cookies and one croissant, I totally pigged out. Through dinner, Abi/Nish would just NOT stop with their worsht mokkai-ness. After a billion times of trying to eat a spoon of rice and repeatedly having had my hand shaken by Nish, I finally succeed. And THEN, he goes on to say something so funny, I can’t help but laugh really hard with rice in my mouth. Somehow, one mad grain of rice goes up the wrong pipe instead of down. And I end up with a grain of rice in my nose.

Me: V, I have rice in my nose!
V: Eew. STOP grossing me out!
N&A: What’s wrong w/ you?! 😮
Me: It’s right here. *Points arbitrarily* I can feel it! *Grin*
V: STOP! STOP! Mad person! 😮


After determinedly eating our way through God-knows-how-many-things, we strolled out to the beach, still laughing madly. I can’t begin to describe HOW good it felt to be together again. Perfect end to super day! The lovely parents even extended curfew upto 2200 types and then Dad picked us all up. Sometimes, it’s amazing to have super-protective dads. Free transport! 😀

Shock of life, though. When I got back home, happily dishevelled & looked into the mirror, I could hardly recognize myself. In the span of a whole, sunny day at the beach, I’d become three shades darker and two shades pinker. I’m now truly Suraksha Sutta Kathrika*! AND my nose smarts when I touch it. It’s completely sunburnt and I’m glad at least the skin isn’t peeling away. I guess I’ll have to get back to besan-dahi face-packs. 😦

*Sutta Kathrika – Burnt brinjal, or egg-plant if you prefer

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  1. December 10, 2007 10:12 PM


    Milano is truly a heavenly experience

    And lol @ Suraksha Sutta Kathrika….has this zing rhyme to it also ya 😛

    ROTFL @ rice in nose.


    Well written

  2. December 11, 2007 10:14 AM

    Parents loved the cookies!! Yes’day eve there were only two left for me. 😐

    And you’re right. Those two are incorrigible. But all said and done, at the end of the day, 4 of us make majo crazy gumbal.

    One of my best birthdays! Thanks to you guys!

    PS: I did get screwed for turning home late. But put all blame on your mum and dad, and they relented… a bit. 😛

  3. December 11, 2007 11:03 PM

    zing rhyme, i’m sure! 😛 and thanks!

    majo crazy gumbal – ejjactly that! 😀 and you’re welcome! *hugs*

  4. December 12, 2007 1:26 AM

    @ me and suraksha :

    Why do you say majo and not major ? One letter too much ??

    And V: Happy Budday !

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