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Atlas Shrugged, Again

September 19, 2007

I read Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand) last may be a couple of years back. Re-reading it, I find I hardly remember sentences and sequences which I now find brilliant. 15, I guess, is too young an age to start grasping Rand. Or may be, and this is true with other books by Rand, every time you read her, the literature always adapts in parts to your current psyche. More than anything else, it’s fantastic to delve into the lives of her powerfully-sketched characters time and again and find that they seem astonishingly different each time. *Love*

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  1. September 20, 2007 6:08 AM

    nice 🙂
    did you try reading “virtue of selfishness?”

    a maybe rand fan

  2. September 20, 2007 6:30 AM

    Virtue of Selfishness….nope, not yet. 🙂 should i?

  3. September 20, 2007 2:54 PM

    do u find her work and philosophy a lil too black and white?

  4. September 21, 2007 12:37 PM

    Remind me to send you an essay by her ex about the drawbacks of Rand’s philosophy. Not that I am not a fan, but the whole cut-off-your-emotions never worked for me, and he – gives a workable solution.

    Which do you like better – Fountainhead or Atlas shrugged?

  5. September 22, 2007 6:15 PM

    at times, yes. she only describes extremes, which wouldn’t work for most of her readers 🙂

    cut-off-emotions part is extreme, but like i said, her works are adaptable only in parts. but i’m a huge fan of her expressions and writing style 🙂

    and Fountainhead is my all-time favourite. Roark = Love! 🙂

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