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Mo Chuisle: Now

August 8, 2007

This is just something I wrote on impulse. It may go on, it may not. I haven’t thought about what happened before this or what will happen later. If you have suggestions, please leave a comment.

11:15. That was the time Aaradhana’s stylish silver Dior showed her.

“It’s 11:15?!” she yelped. She’d been so engrossed in her work, that she’d never noticed the time fly by. “Oh my god! I promised Raghu I’d be home for dinner. Shit!” she moaned to herself.

She looked around her at the cluster of dimly lit cubicles and saw that she was one of the last to leave. Her soft-board was pinned to the hilt with miscellanea – stories, photos, post-its reminding her of things that she had to do. She let out a helpless sigh.

Somehow things had gotten to be this bad. She was too preoccupied with her work and deadlines to realize, that time was running out. And fast. She was too busy to spend time home. Too busy for the long drives and sweet nothings. How had it gotten this bad?

Thinking, she quickly shut down her sleek, blood-red Vaio and dumped it in its case. Some of the contents of her over-stuffed handbag fell to the floor, even as she bolted out of the door and bounded down the staircase. The bloody elevator was out of order again.

Once in the car, she switched on the radio and began surfing stations, finally settling on one playing a Kenny Rogers number. As she turned left at a junction, she noticed how dreary and dark the roads were. The dashboard clock read 11:30 and made her realize how late she actually was.

I can’t un-think about you,
I can’t un-feel your touch,
I can’t un-hear all the words,
Un-say all the things,
That used to mean so much.
I wish I could un-remember
Everything my heart’s been through.
I’m finding out it’s impossible to do.
Oh, it’s no use, I can’t un-love you!

She smiled at the lyrics. It was that song they’d keep singing all the time. Those memories were forever. She thought it ironic that the radio that usually belted out routine tamizh songs should play her thoughts.

May be I should call him?
“The Airtel number you’ve called is currently switched off. Please try…” Beep.
Switched off? That’s unusual.
Right turn.

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