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July 16, 2007

Context: Talking to good friend A over the phone.

A: Hey, X and me are going out to get some beer this evening, wanna come?
Me: Er…
A: Oh yeah, you don’t drink! 😆 You’re 18 no, or 17 still?


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  1. July 17, 2007 10:47 PM

    ha ha … ha ha …

    btw next rtff is gonna have a age bar … adults only !!!

  2. July 17, 2007 10:48 PM

    and dont tell me x is app. he graduated from drinks …

  3. July 17, 2007 10:52 PM

    `lol…suits u…btw…dont mind my memory…but have u REALLY turned 18?!??

  4. July 18, 2007 5:18 AM

    ada paavi! i AM 18! 18 = adult 😛 and X isn’t APP. =)

    naansens! OF COURSE i have! :O

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