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English, August

April 25, 2007

…Then he realized that he had seen these tracks from the bridge on that hot afternoon with Sathe…He felt strange, without reason, at these linkages in perspective – I was there looking here, and now it is the opposite, this thought made him feel odd…but the decade to come pales before this second, the span of my life is less important than its quality. I want to sit here in the mild sun and try and not think, try and escape the iniquity of the restlessness of my mind. Do you understand. Doesn’t anyone understand the absence of ambition, or the simplicity of it.

The book’s brilliant and Agastya Sen aka Ogu aka August is even better. Even so, can’t bring myself to read more than a dozen pages at once. Probably because Upamanyu Chatterjee is such an intimate writer. After consuming a couple of thousand words, you want to mark the page and muse a while and just let those thoughts wash over you. August is about the mundane and the profound, the sane and the stoned, surrealism and reality.

During the day, on a lazy afternoon when the heat’s unbearable, the A/C and August are my favourite company.

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  1. shash permalink
    May 1, 2007 8:57 AM

    did a mistake of trying out this book when I did not have an appetite such muse..i did have eons of lazy noons then..

    now after reading your blog..i tell my self..lets see..

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