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January 27, 2006

     Addicted. That’s what I am. To what, you ask? I say to things that aren’t worth an addiction to. Such as, you wonder? Those simple, innocuous things that you simply cannot do without. You, of course, think I’m talking about schmaltzy things such as love, music, the birds and insects, the sky and stars et cetera. Not to worry. Nothing wrong with you. That’s just the consequence of my previous posts.

     All the same, just for the record, I’m talking about no such things. The particular things I had in mind were coffee and mint. Why suddenly coffee and mint? Because, dear friend, those are the two newest additions to my taboo list. Which, of course, is controlled entirely by my mother. She, for her part, expresses her firm disapproval about caffeine intake by “children”. That would, thank you very much, refer to me. And I, naturally, can’t give up coffee for anything in the world. That’s Part I of War of The Stimulant Ban.

     Part II. Mint. What is so terrible about mint you ask? I would say – NOTHING. It’s the nicest, most useful thing to grace the world after coffee. Predictable and pathetic. I know. Anyway, I have this weird fixation, an idiosyncrasy you might call it. There has to be and I mean there simply has to be a box of mint on my study table ALL the time. Make what you want of it. Whether I eat it, whether I don’t or just simply give it to the dog, it’s got to be there. There’s one upside that you can see to this. I don’t fuss about brands. As long as it’s strong and white, it’s good to go! That’s another thing…I hate coloured mint. Ugh!
     That was my version.

My mom – Mint is bad. It’s not good for health.
Me – *sigh* ok…so? (don’t care – love mint)
Mom – It gets you addicted to it after a while. You’ll become a junkie.
Me – rattle off stats from TIME strengthening my case.
Mom – rattles of more stats from god-knows-where and which completely dwarfs mine. Then goes – We’ll have to do rehab. It’ll become a trauma for the whole family. You’ll never be able to get out of it. <This actually happens when mom gets real desperate to get me to do something. Pity.>
Me – MOM!!! It’s a darn MINT….not some bloody morphine derivative. Sheesh!!
Mom – Don’t you dare swear in front of me!!! …blah…blah…<read dishoom, dishoom, dishoom!!>

This part of it is an entirely different story. We’ll get to that later. Swearing and my mom. Two things you never juxtapose. Anyway, the result of the War shall be announced shortly. There is no alternative. I win.

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  1. coffee is bad for children permalink
    January 28, 2006 7:51 PM

    caffeine. Thats obviously very addictive.. and of course is NOT for CHILDREN. (i dont like cofee so i can say this) i do like tea very much though.. but thats not the issue since i have reduced intake drastically over the past year.

    mint. hmm.. alavukku meerinaal amizhthamum visham 😀

  2. January 28, 2006 11:01 PM

    since ur visibly guilty at over-indulging in caffeine in the past, i assume u come under the “children” banner. 😀

    mint. yes…does nothing even in excess. or perhaps u haven’t read my new profile yet?

  3. I am not coffee! permalink
    January 30, 2006 10:46 AM

    dont call me not coffee.. that sounds as if i like coffee!

    Your logic is flawed. i said coffee is bad “for children”. NOT “only for children”. and to think u do programming.. tsk tsk..

    And i see u hv conveniently misinterpreted Oscar Wilde:D

  4. January 30, 2006 4:56 PM

    @not coffee: 😉
    ur disp names are unfortunately always too big. and i dislike big nicks. 😀

    logic flawed…yes. my bad. and i do programming coz i absolutely have to. woes of comp. sci. group. and i never claimed to be programming whiz. 😀

    and yes…i suck at programming logic. *sigh*

    as for interpretations…don’t we always find a way to believe that which works best for us?

  5. End of Darkness permalink
    February 1, 2006 8:49 AM

    well.. well.. we dont want such a negative mindset b4 the boards do we? why play down one’s abilities when u can blame it all on chemistry?

    as for interpretations.. i agree wth u 🙂

    and i hope the nick is shorter:D

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