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And Apparently….

November 1, 2005

You are a descriptive writer. An avid reader of
Robert Frost, perhaps, you LOVE to use flowery
words and use the paper and pen as your canvas
and paintbrush. You prefer to paint a mental
image rather than simply toy around with
people’s minds. A very inspired person, you
love to be in nature and usually are a very
outdoorsy type of person. A writer with a
natural green thumb, perhaps?

What’s YOUR Writing Style?
brought to you by Quizilla

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  1. the Monk permalink
    November 2, 2005 12:05 AM

    i took this test too….me got dark and dreary…i think a little like that,so…anyway, nice blog..

  2. November 2, 2005 11:32 AM

    thankiez!! dark and dreary….a friend of mine writes tat way…very rock-ish!!! 🙂

  3. Camphor permalink
    November 2, 2005 2:33 PM

    lol, I think that suits you. 😉

  4. the dot permalink
    November 5, 2005 5:29 PM

    got your blog sur now your history

  5. aninonymous permalink
    November 6, 2005 12:23 AM

    fortunately or unfortunately i got nuthin to do with writing in my life

  6. November 6, 2005 4:27 PM

    :)…me thinks it’s apt too!!
    btw…me bin publicizing your blog bigtime 😀

    the dot:
    ohmigosh!!!! :O Don’t You Dare!!!

    aninonymous: (:?)
    well…tat’z too bad…coz writing’s a lotta fun!!!!! 😀

  7. Hellbrandt Grimm permalink
    November 9, 2005 3:13 AM

    From what I have seen in this blog, it dosen’t surprise me 😀
    Hehe. That was a fun test. I turned out to be a “classical writer”.
    But nay! Burden me not with classics, pray!
    Thou wilt do justice to thy style, for it is thine own

    So much for a pathetic classical attempt. Hahaha!

  8. November 9, 2005 5:39 AM

    lol!! the world moves in cycles…so don’t worry…classical will soon be back in vogue!!! 😀

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