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Chasing Deadlines…

September 1, 2005

I hate deadlines. I hate ’em! Pardon…but the whole of last two week tat’s precisely wat i’ve bin doing. (Sarcastic looks and what!!-that’s-your-fault looks absolutely not appreciated!!!!)

Physics record, chem record, physics, chem and so on and so forth. As if tat’s not very nice, we had this irritating-to-the-power-infinity exam on electrical gadgets, typewriting theory, physical education and health!! wow!!!

I agree written work is essential for formation of good study habits. (i apologize!!!) But TWENTY experiments in each record is a trifle too many!!! Disagreeing is not allowed!!!! Well…..i prefer that we don’t go into facts such as i had to submit it a month back and was lazy to do it!! Ahem…better left alone!!

Gist of Last Week (22/8 to 28/8)

Day 1:
Me: Hey v, can i have your record??
V: Ummm….like we were supposed to submit it two weeks back?
Me: Record or no record? No advice.
V: (after surrendering to my amazing persuasive powers) Wat do i do wit u!!!!!

Day 2:
V: Finished record??
Me: You’re better off not asking questions.
V: (exaggerated rolling of eyes!!)
A: What!!! Not yet a?? Oh i forgot…it’s Suraksha!!
Va: Adi pavi!! this is too too too much!!!! :O

Day 3:
V: Well?
Me: 😀
M: Why do you even bother?? (to V)

Day 4 and Day 5 pass in verisimilitude!!! Days 6 and 7 – weekend!!! Yaay!! 😀

This Week:

Day 1:
Me: Hey v, thanks a million for your record!!!
V, M, A, V: Huh?? Wha…?? Is this the end of the world?? You actually managed to finished the record??? How’d this happen??
Me: (philosophically) Expect the Unexpected!!!

Me: Ma’am, my record. Where do i leave it?
Ma’am: Record a? I don’t correct records now. Too late ma.

After a lot of maska and a lot of this-won’t-happen-agains,
Ma’am: Well…apdiya….seri ma….keep it here n go. Make sure you don’t do it again!!!
Me: (very sincerely) Yes ma’am…surely ma’am….definitely ma’am!!

When narrating this to M,
M: (snorting uncontrollably) What!!!!!! She actually bought tat frm you!!! YOU of all people!!!! You a big time talker man!!!!!!
Me: Well…it’s jus me y’know!! (Take a bow!!)

Good….i’m satisfied now that all of you actually kno how hard i work to meet deadlines!!!

Padipz and sincere sigamanis going “Hard work a?? summa she’ll slog in the end and butter the teacher!!!”….Stop right there!!!!!
Take my word….maska adichifying teachers and getting work done is a rare gift!!! Not so easy mates!!! 😀 I’d be lost in the world if i didn’t have my gift of the gab!!!!!! Hehehe!!!!

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  1. September 2, 2005 4:57 PM

    I’m v now huh? Thanx for the description. But still, can’t believe she actually bought all that rubbish and maska from you!

  2. September 4, 2005 1:49 PM

    no prob!!! anyway you’re my life saver!!! i couldn’t do witout you!!!! 😀

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