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My Cousin Jus’ Got Married!!!

August 21, 2005

Spare me the glares, mutters and after-how-long looks!! I know i’m blogging after an entire two weeks…do forgive!!!

The reason being my cousin’s wedding!! yaay!! 😀 And whatta wedding it was!! Fantabulous!! So many things to do….so many new ppl to meet….lots of fun, gossip, tension, laughter, non veg jokes, flirtations, cute guys (in sherwanis!! ;)), cousins, great clothes n jewellery….it’s endless… truly, there’s nothing to beat a “family wedding”!!!!

Well…this cousin of mine is on my mum’s side…so we had your average marwari wedding…big, lavish, lotsa food and even more masti!!!
On 17th, we had the mehendi ceremony which i think is self-explanatory!! On 18th was the Sangeet. Here the bride’s cousins and relatives perform for the couple….it’s basically a lot of gaana bajaana and lot of dancing and entertainment!!! Yours truly sang (oye!! no sniggers!!) churaliya hai tumne….which incidentally got a lot of applause!! (Pointed Look!!)

Anyway, the wedding was scheduled on the 19th which also happened to be Raksha Bandhan. This being a very traditional occasion, we had a rakhi ka function in the morning. Frankly speaking…it was the best part of the wedding as i grossed about 11.3 grand!!!! 😀 Don’t bother being j !!!! It’s almost triple wat i usually make!! Tatz coz all my bro’s frm all over the planet were there for the wedding!!! Right now…me on cloud nine, seventh heaven!! 😀

The main wedding was at Le Royal Meridien….A typical Monsoon Wedding!!

The timing couldn’t have bin more perfect!! Just as the baraat was getting ready to leave, the clouds burst over a sizzling Chennai!!! The downpour looked as if it would never stop!! Well…the sad thing is the groom got totally drenched in his sherwani!!! Not a pretty sight, i’ll say!! Leastways, everyone got into the spirit of things and we had a pretty big, if soaked, baraat to welcome!! Then we had the old formalities, pheras, vows et al.

I’m thinking….it’s no fun jus telling you how it was!!! Better to actually see things ain’t it??? No worries…me will be posting photos soon enough!! Look Out!!!

Till then….adios amigos!!!!!!!

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  1. wiseorotherwise permalink
    August 27, 2005 12:45 PM

    11.3 grand, didya say??? :O OHMIGOSH! That’s like Hitting the Jackpot! What are you planning to do with that Moolah? Treat me when I come over to Chennai? 😉

    But seriously, Marwari weddings are a treat for the eyes! I’ve been to couple of my friend’s ka bro’s ka marriages and BOY! It was lavish to the core!

    Welcome back 😀

    And yes, i’m waiting for the pics 😀

  2. August 28, 2005 3:59 PM

    well…about the moolah…my mom thought putting it in the back was THE thing to do…she left me wit a 300+200 bucks!! BAH!!
    pics will be here soon…

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