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The Half-Blood Prince – Wat Else??!!

July 19, 2005

Well, well, well……two days since the much-awaited release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and i can still see my sis jumping on the couch going, “ooh!! itz here suru!! itz here!! so awesome!!!”. Hehehe!!! I can see all those temme-about-it looks!!!

Spoiler: The following write up may contain information that if revealed (to fans who haven’t read the book yet) will cause unfathomable consequences. So all of u yet to read…STAY OUT!! Tats if u don’t wanna know wat happens! šŸ˜€

Anyway, i finished the book sunday morning and i must confess, Rowling has excelled herself(in most parts anyway!!). The thing that sets this book apart is that there is a lot more explanation for things in the previous books than action and more action. You know, the things which made us go, “Hey!! how can tat happen??!!” or “Hmmmm……”!! In this book, we actually get to understand the working behind the evil, obnoxious, repugnant……sorry, gotta little carried away!! Oh yes…the working behind the malicious mind of Voldy. Also, why he didn’t get killed when he cursed Harry, how he’s been surviving for so long and how his followers and him hav plotted all this while!!! That’s a LOT!!!

Now to scrutinise the not-s0-good parts. I really think that Rowling could have underplayed the Lavender-Ron snoggin-all-over-the-place thing. Lolz!!! Now that was beyond hilarious!!!!!! When i say Ron, read Won-Won!! ROTFL!!! That part of the book was grossly exaggerated. I mean, you turn 4 pages and there they are again!!!!!!! šŸ™‚ Best part is, they split even before the action began!!!!
Another aspect is Dumbledore. The man whom we’ve bin seeing as the quiet, laid back, contemplative head-master is suddenly pushed into spotlight. I don’t mean his death. Its just tat i’ve grown used to him being so inconspicuous throughout the book and in the end he just comes and gives you this big-time funda and goes. Out of the blue here, he has this i’m-the-cleverest-wizard aura which doesn’t become him too much. Admitted he is but….!!! Phrases like “me, being the clever wizard i am” or “since i’m cleverer than most men” pervade his usually unassuming style of speech. Now tat wasn’t so good!!!
Well, the climax…’s indescribable!!! It was just Brilliant!!! I actually cried when i read The Phoenix Lament and The White Tomb. And i don’t cry that easily!!! šŸ˜› We can actually feel that huge impact this character has made on every Potter fan. Each page of these chapters exudes the emotion and sentiment that people attach to Dumbledore. Kudos to Rowling here!!!
Me jus wanna say….all of you BETTER read the book!!! The bottom line is – its awesome!!! You’ll enjoy every page of it!!!! Cheers!!!!!

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