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For Cryin’ Out Loud!!!!!!!!

July 12, 2005

oh my gooooooodddddd!!!!!!!! Can you believe our vice-principal (tatz who LS is)???!!!! Noooooo!!! you absolutely cannot!!!!
I’m one of the people responsible for culturals at our school. Went to ask her about when we can start off and she’s goes, “well….see ma, we have the annual day and sports day n all coming up. We can’t afford to distract the students right now….so may be you can start by mid-august??”. And i’m like “Whaaaaaaa….????”. Slight a we got quarterly exams on sept. 12 and she wants us to start mid-august!!! when the heck does she think we gonna finish it!!!!!!! watever!!!

I’m glaring daggers at her and she gives me this benign smile and walks away!! She’s being infuriatingly sweet knowing damn well we’re going thru hell !!!! Phhheeewww!!!!!! Ok Ok!! No tension… jus gonna go n hav a granita, talk to someone on fone and chill!!! That’s that….!! adios….

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