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THE 99 Questions!!!

July 11, 2005

Abhi…’re toast!!! This whole thing is only only coz of you!!!!!!!

1. What is your full name? Suraksha R
2. When is your birthday? Dec 15, 1988
3. What is your sex? Female
4. Do you have siblings? Unfortunately!! Pesky kid sister!!
5. Who do you live with? Parents, GParents and aforementioned pain-in-the-neck!!
6. Are you single? Oh yea!!! As of 11/7/05…19.26 hrs
7. Do you have pets? Would luv to but….NO!!!
8. What is your hometown? Apna Chennai!!! where elz!!!
9. Where do you live now? Chennai

Part 2 – What is your favourite…
10. Colour? shades of blue, burgundy
11. Day? Friday….End of week and no IIT class!!! Double Bonus!!! 😀
12. Month? Sept – Dec (rain!!!!) n May (Holz!!!) 😀
13. Season? Monsoon……Bheege bheege mausam!!
14. Animal? Doggies!!!!
15. Flower? White roses or a mix of white n red roses
16. TV Show? reality or sport!!
17. Movie? Oh boy!! No fair!! Too many!!! The GodFather is all time tho!!! 😀
18. Commercial on TV? Moods……hey!! no getting any ideas!!! itz jus really cute!!!
19. Song? Too many too!! but rite now bheege hont tere n woh lamhe!!
20. Food? Italian, Mexican…..Indian goes widout sayin!!
21. Disney Character? Donald Duck
22. Cartoon Character? T n J and Bugs Bunny (read “Heeyyy!!! wassup doc!!”)
23. Non-alcoholic drink? Any fruit juice
24. Alcoholic drink? Don’t drink. But frm wat i’ve tasted tequila wins hands down!! or should i say bottoms up!!!
25. Kind of dessert? Ice cream anytime!!!! Also creme brulee
26. Restaurant? Don Pepe, Kebab Factory, Wang’s
27. Store? Odyssey, Landmark, Textile India

Part 3 – If you could…
28. Go anywhere in the world where would you go? All over Italy
29. Talk to anybody dead or alive who would you choose? Tom Cruise??!!!!
30. Do anything you wanted to what would you do? Keep travelling!!!! Non-Stop!!
31. Change one thing about the world what would you change? CAS!!!(God!! tatz bad!!)
32. Have one superpower, what would it be? Invisibilty 😉
33. Change one thing about your past what would u change? Nay!! won’t change!! love me life!! 😀

Part 4 – What is your least favourite…
34. Colour? Pink
35. Day? Tuesday…no particular reason…
36. Month? March-April!!!
37. Season? Summer
38. Animal? not animals………insects tho!!!!! roachy thingies!!!!!!
39. Flower? you can’t acutally hate flowers!!!
40. TV Show? ALL soaps!!!!
41. Movie? Chalte Chalte
42. Commercial on TV? The gaudy, jaal, jewellery ads!!!
43. Song? the useless gaanas !!!
44. Food? Hate for food not in my dictionary!!!
45. Disney Character? None. i guess they are all ok..
46. Cartoon Character? Mojo Jojo
47. Non-alcoholic drink? cucumber juice
48. Alcoholic drink? beer…..tastes bitter…yew!!!
49. dessert? souffles!
50. Restaurant? Jus Parathas
51. Store? Globus!!

Part 5 – If you\’re a girl fill this part in (guys skip to part 6)
52. What do you look for in a guy? looks, brains, sensitivity, gift of the gab, love for fun!!
53. Long or short hair? longish
54. Book smart or jock smart? lil’ of both!! 😉
55. Tall or short? Taaallll!!! duh!!
56. Big or little muscles? moderate….don’t like ’em too big!!!
57. Sweet/sensitive or Sweet/tough? sweet/tough/sensitive hehehe!!!

Part 6 – If you\’re a guy fill this part in (girls skip to part 7)
58. Tall or short?
59. Beauty or brains?
60. What do you look for in a girl?
61. Long or short hair?
62. Curly or straight?
63. Sweet or butch?

Part 7 – The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear….
64. Farm – crowd!!
65. Zoo – chimpanzees!!!
66. Red – chillis!!!
67. Bug – roaches!!!
68. Punk – piercings!!
69. Ralph – Lauren
70. Glue – Fevi Stik
71. Mouse – Mickey
72. Fire – Me!!
73. Life – Fun
74. Phone – Abhi!!!

Part 8 – In the next 10 years do you see yourself…
75. With a job? Yes!
76. Married? yup. My dad’ll make sure of tat one!!!
77. With kids? hmmm…may be!!
78. In a different town from the one you’re in now? Dunno!!
79. With a pet? No.. Don’t think so..!!!
80. With a lot, or a little money? Lot of money.. Surely..
81. In your own house? Yea..surely..
82. Happy? Yes!!!!!! me always happy!!!!
83. Still friends with the friends you have now? Definitely!!!!!1 may be more!!!!

Part 9 – What is your favourite memory of…
84. Elementary school? school garden!!! and park and field trips!!
85. Highschool? Still there!!! ask me in a year!!
86. College? Ahem….
87. University?Again. Not yet….
88. Prom? We have proms in India?? Really?? since when??!!!!
89. New Years? Every single one’s bin great!!! i get to do different things every time!!!! 😀
90. St. Patricks day? N/A
91. Christmas? Holzz
92. Halloween? Not applicable
93. Summer? Hot, Holz!!!

Part 10 – Would you rather be…
94. Hot or cold? HOT
95. Tired or wired? Wired
96. Hungry or full? Full
97. Tall or small? Tall!
98. A lion or a tiger? Lion(ess)!
99. Canadian or American? Indian! Mera Bharat Mahan!!! (ahem ok!!)

Once more……….abhi….you dead!!!!!!!!! took me a good part of 20 min to do this!!!!! 😛

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  1. Abhi! permalink
    July 11, 2005 11:08 PM

    hey.. thanks for doing tht!! Appreciate it

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