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June 7, 2005

well…first of all…..a big big sorry to all my ardent readers out there!!!!! hehehe!!! i know i’ve bin “letting my blog go extinct”, to quote truly yours!!! lol…..well….me not bin ol at all thanks to classes, vetti frenz, very very vetti cellphone!!!!! hehehe…you name it!!!!!!

well….one of the best things i did during holz is watch Star Wars!!! OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT a film!!!!!!! jus amazing!!! I mean….for those of you ppl out there who kno nothing about star wars…..this will be sheer entertainment even if you don’t understand the subtle nuances of the Jedi empire. No worries!!!! this film has such awesome effects…….you’ll jus be gaping at the screen!!! lolz!!! oh yea….make it a point to sit right in the middle of the balcony…so you can feel the power of the RDX reverbs!!!! whoa!!! excellent sound!!!

Lemme jus take you thru the finer parts of the movie……the best, best was Ian whats-his-name….or better known as Chancellor Palpatine. I mean, every frame with him in it oozes out the anger, the revenge, the vengeance. you can actually feel it man!!!!!!! Well….about Hayden Christensen……..i completely agree tat hez tall, very cute and looks drop dead gorgeous!! but ppl, he can’t act for two pennies!!!!!!! All those completely intense scenes…in which Palpatine tells him the truth about the dark side and the sith n all……..and all hayden can find to say is “yes, master. yes, master” with that idiotic blank expression on his face and his absolutely phlegmatic voice!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!

Obi Wan Kenobi is sooooooooo good!!!!!!!! and the fight between obi wan and anakin is nothing short of spectacular!!! trust me on dat one!!!!!!! When anakin burns and he the sith lord finds him and resurrects him as Darth Vader. that first breath he takes……wow!!!! takes your breath away!!!!!! hehehe!! Talking about fights….i can’t not mention the awesome sword fight between Yoda and Palpatine!!!! wow aint the word!!!!!!!! i mean…..look at Yoda….hez like the absolute best!!!!!!! Ok ok……..left to do so, me will go on and on and on!!! so will jus let u find out the rest, if u’ve not already done so!!! well….all i can say is…..GO WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!

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  1. truly yours permalink
    June 8, 2005 5:45 PM

    YODA IS GOD!!!

  2. Anonymous permalink
    June 8, 2005 9:11 PM

    vetti cell phone is vetti huh.. I wonder!!!!!1

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