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Back wid a Bang!!!

May 12, 2005

I guess i’m blogging after quite a hiatus….well….that’s thanks to the fact that my internet hours ran out and my dad, being the typical taurean he is, has firmly dug his heels into the ground and is refusing point blank to renew it. jeez!! anywayz…there just might be this tiny, teensy-weensy possibility that he might get me a broadband…on second thoughts, i better change it to an ADSL connection(as a friend of mine is constantly on my case abt this!!!) which i think is a pretty good reward for me being a good girl all thru!!! 😀 Hez basically considering this coz i’ve bin bugging him like crazy saying i have to do my external projects and tat i need a LOT of info frm the net!!! he he he

Well, right now the sun on my horizon is the fact that my papa got me a mobile!! yaaay!!! 😀 it was purely incidental though!!…he just was in a very good mood and i managed to sneak in my petition and voila…..he said, “no problem beta, we’ll get it today”. and i’m like totally gaping at him and thinking, “wha…??! i heard right??”….lol!!! 😀 Itz this absolutely sexy nokia 6610…black!!! I didn’t realize how preoccupied i was with it and how much i was stuck on it. One night, when i was gazing at my phone, my mom comes in and says, “Now, when are you gonna end this love affair wid your cell phone???”. and i’m thinking…..jeez…i ain’t that bad, am i?!! he he he

Among other things, my time is majorly occupied by a heap of classes and mornings and nights blend into each other while i desperately try and figure out what to study next, this or that and end up doing both things, neither properly!! :O lolz….anywayz we’re having an IIT chem screening test t’row…..all credit goes to our lovely prof. Santhanam. God!! hez such a sadist!!!! can’t believe him….we jus had this abslolutely mortifying problem test a fortnight back. he royally raped us!!!! jeeezzz…anywayz…this chapter i’m studying frm MnB doesn’t seem to get over at all….going on and on and on. Hmmm….

Me went to Ju and Jim’s place the last two dayz….major kalaichifying there!!! god, it was heights!!!!!! and all for majorly dumb things …..yeeeewww!!!! 😛 had fun though…..lotta gossip, matter and major updating on whoz done wat, whoz going out wid who and whoz the latest peter n the works basically!!!

Slight a, i thnk i should get bak to organic chem or i’m definitely flunking my test t’row…to make this nightmare worse…itz gonna b +3 -1….cha cha!!!!!! till i blog next (god knows when)…….adios amigos!!!!!!!!

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