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Two Classes, A Bummer and A Night Out

April 17, 2005

Hello all you beautiful people!!!! First of all, for all of you who’re wondering what the rope picture is all about…..actually nothing!! πŸ˜› Just that it’s one of my most favourite photographs. I just think that there is a lot of perspective it….hmm. Anyway, i’m sure none of you got that. No pretending!! πŸ˜€

That apart, today was a BAD day. In the sense that, i’m sore all over my body (youch!!) and my head’s full of chem kinetics and applications of derivatives!!! ouch!! ouch!! n OUCH!! This is precisely coz i had class frm 12-30 to 8-30….i.e. left for class at 12:30. A huge foodie like me was forced, due to unpleasant circumstances, to survive on a single club sandwich for over EIGHT hours!!! :O :O 😐 Now, ain’t dat sad??? You Bet!!! Well, miracle is that i survived thru both the classes…..TRS classes are actually enjoyable but Santhanam!!!!! Whoa!!!! Its heights in mokkai!!!! Of course hez an awesome teacher n all dat…..he takes well also….but his so-called, supposed jokes……..God save us!!! :O

Now, the impossibly abyssmal news is that, we don’t get a break from TRS class in the summer! :((
And why is that you might ask……because believe it or not we don’t get holiday coz he’s not going for a vacation!!!! :O :O How d’you like that??!!!! And we’re supposed to put up with 3 hour classes in scorching May!!! No vacation!!!!

Well, tat winds up the two classes and bummer part!!!!

Upside of the whole thing is that my cousin…remember shreya?? the one in the first post?? ….Yeah, she’s here for a sleep over!!! :D…..So, i’m actually bringing this blog to shape while incessantly jabbing wid her. Its 1.35 on the clock and we’re still chatting away to glory!!! πŸ˜€ So, my parents took us out for dinner tonight to the club. We had some awesome butter naan n paneer sabji !!! yum! hmm….and after dat….came home, switched the AC on and started gabbing!! I tell you….both of us are the Queens of the Gab!!!! πŸ˜€

Okay, i wrote this post precisely because itz days since i blogged and thought that my blog deserved at least this minimal care. Until later, Adios!!

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