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A Peek into My Supposed Vacation…:(

April 11, 2005

Owing to the awfully sexy weather we’re having in chennai, i was curled up in bed with the Silence of the Lambs(by Thomas Harris) which i’m reading for the nth time, i might add. Pensive and plunged in thought about the psychotic, psychopaths and the intrinsic intricacies of the human mind, my mom’s “ARE YOU STUDYING??” came as a rude shock, detonating (literally) in my ear. Cursing the phenomenal potency of her vocal chords, i proceeded to shout back that i was, while in the meantime i was shoving the book under my pillows!! phew!! narrow escape, that!!

The fact that i’m in the 12th now never ever fails to hit me BANG in the face. Books are my be all and end all!! i’m simply obsessive about books and voraciously read more than what is healthy!! every vacation i have to read a minimum of at least 30 books. and now, suddenly, being told to abandon my insatiable appetite for reading for the seemingly “more productive” things in life like school work, IIT assignments, tests, revision etcetera to name a few, is more than what my psyche and intellect can possibly put up with! i don’t even mind not blogging or not coming online as much as mind THIS!! :O :O

Now, you’d have probably guessed the genesis of this out-of-the-blue outburst of indignance. If you did not, this is the moment of truth….yes..i had the “talk” with the parental units at home. I’m really not willing to go into the insipid details of the now-that-you’re-in-12th-u-better-get-serious lecture. NO! the gist of the sermon(:P) is that i’m supposed to give up all else other than anything under the “STUDIES AND KNOWLEDGE” banner for the whole of next year. For all you people out there, shaking you’re heads and murmuring, “its just a year and of course, sacrifices have to be made” as you read this post…yea, yea i already kno all that and also know that it is only in my interest that these things have to be done. Nevertheless. What has to be, has to be.

– i’ve qualified into all my IIT 2nd year classes…yaay! 😀
Very tight Schedule
Saturday, Sunday – afternoon – Math
Monday, Thursday – evenings – Physics
Tuesday, Saturday – evening – Chem
Wednesday – evening – Physics classes
Wow!! i actually get friday free…..invariably it’ll be spent either in special classes or at
home puzzling over extensively complex IIT probs.. 😦
*End of Update*

well, to write of today, nothing very mind blowing happened….had trs class in the morning…a whole, solid 3 n half hours!! whoa!! i don’t mind that much tho!! his classes are really fun…and NO i’m not a padipz and neither am i a pazham….so don’t get any ideas!! 😀

then in the evening, i barged into my atthai’s house :D…and went to the madhava perumal kovil (yea, yea, chamathu iyer ponnu all the rest of it!! ;)). After that, however, i haven’t done anything that’s even remotely useful let alone contributing to increase my “knowledge”. he he he!!

Ok, my brain thinks that i’ve let you in on my life enough and that the rest of the story should be left till later. So, complying with my brain’s request and acting under its threats to go blank, i sign off for tonight…:D

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  1. truly yours permalink
    April 11, 2005 6:15 PM

    Hey,don’t overdo the padips thing. We’ve all been there. Chill and have fun(like u need someone to say that to u!);D

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