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Woes as of today….

April 7, 2005

It is not intentionally that i choose to begin my first post on a melacholy note…but i am helpless as it is by default that my life goes on the way it does and the things that hav to be, hav to be.
I’m home alone….majorly(ok..i kno that ain’t a word in the english language) wasting my time when i’m supposed to be studying for my chem assignment tommorow.
Wat i did i do after coming frm skool?? showered, ate, watched tv, came online, talked over da fone, came online again….n am typing this completely useless blog which i doubt anyone’ll ever read…..pathetic i know…!!
But right now after passing my 11th(:D) n moving into 12th which translates to hours of intensely mind-numbing physics, chem n math…not to mention evening-dates with undecipherable lines of code, i thnk i reserve the right to use(rather misuse) my time as i please. While i thnk of what more to scribble…

– amazing weather, too sexy…jus right for footer or throwball!! 😀
– physics assgn. today….wasn’t too bad…expecting around 18+ on 25…we’ll c
– oooh yea….iit coaching selections dis week….i thnk i shud get thru math n chem(*praying wid eyes shut*)
*end of hightlights*

My cousin shreya….shez gone totally mad!! :O…She, bhanu n abhiram ‘ve come up wid dis crazy idea of wanting to fool their entire class!! i mean…c’ jobless can u really get??? Anywayz, she asked me for some ideas n to her annoyance, i after much thought, reflection and brainstorming informed her that i could procure not an ounce of prank-material.
Well, u can’t blame me can u?? i’m already looking dismally at the total mayhem my life’s become!! 😦
oops…i will also hav to talk to KSB about my physics classes….bin bunking so many of them tht i hav hardly a feeble chance of getting in!! Anyway, fingers crossed!!!
Right now i’m really really thankful to mom coz she’s made it her personal mission to make me plan my day n stick to my plan!!! if it weren’t for her…i’d hav bin doing precisely this yesterday, day before and the entire week before too!! :O :O
I think now i can safely go study chem, smug that i hav misused my time as i pleased and am moving towards the more dismal things in life out of my own, free will and NOT, i repeat NOT because i don’t want to face my mom’s condemning ok-why-haven’t-you-studied glare.
Until i am done with structures and trends and get enough free time on hand to write another post, Astelevegos!!

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